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The Thrive! Endeavor

Sci-Fi Novel  @ Amazon

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Sci-Fi Novel  @ Amazon

  Early Extinction

Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon

  Thrive! - Escape Extinction

Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Children's Book  @ Amazon


Children's Book @ Amazon

  Thrive Or Not Thrive

Children's Book @ Amazon

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Information? Donation? Contact?  

   Support Thrive! Scholarship Via GChris Sculpture.  Want to support students who want to help build a better and thriving future? Donít need the tax deduction?
     Acquire GChris sculpture and 100% of Chris' payment goes for Thrive! Scholarships at University of Wisconsin - Madison. For sculpture prices, see list.

    If you acquire a sculpture direct from GChris Studio/Gallery, prices are generally 50% of commercial gallery prices. For Studio direct sculpture prices, see list.

     If you want to support scholarship and acquire sculpture, contact Chris at GChris@GChris.com or 301 318 3760.
Note: Payment is not tax-deductible. Shipping can be arranged at cost.

    Thrive! sculptures by GChris are no longer for sale. Sculptures are being donated to worthy nonprofit organizations and government agencies who share values expressed in Thrive! public policy and sculptures. If your organization in interested in a sculpture and shares these values, please feel free to inquire by email or phone.

     If you would just like information, please feel free to inquire by email or phone 

     You may contact me via phone - 301 318 3760 or email  GChris@GChris.com (Please include name, email, phone, question.)

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Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

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