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The Thrive! Endeavor

Sci-Fi Novel  @ Amazon

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Sci-Fi Novel  @ Amazon

  Early Extinction

Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon

  Thrive! - Escape Extinction

Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Children's Book  @ Amazon


Children's Book @ Amazon

  Thrive Or Not Thrive

Children's Book @ Amazon

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 Featured in "all things" episode of the X Files

     Six mobiles and stabiles were selected by Gillian Anderson [Actress, Director] and rented by The X-Files for use in episode # 17, "all things" on April 9, 2000.

  • a flight of whimseys

  • the soft embrace of being [Sold for $4,600; Owned by Actress and Director Gillian Anderson]

  • upward reach to asymmetry

  • bordering on the edge of freedom

  • fractured but being whole

  • being just in balance [Sold for $1,900 in Gillian Anderson's charity auction]

the soft embrace of being being just in balance
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Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

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