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The Thrive! Endeavor

Sci-Fi Novel  @ Amazon

  black box

Sci-Fi Novel  @ Amazon

  Early Extinction

Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon

  Thrive! - Escape Extinction

Illustrated Sci-Fi @ Amazon


Children's Book  @ Amazon


Children's Book @ Amazon

  Thrive Or Not Thrive

Children's Book @ Amazon

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  Thrive!® sculpture by GChris supports our building a thriving future for all forever. Thrive! Website - ThrivingFuture.org  Thrive! Blog ThriveBlog.org Thrive! Thought & Sculpture Blog ThriveSculpture.com

   Sculpture is to be interacted with and gently touched. Some are copper, wood or both. Sizes range from a foot to dozen feet. Some make sounds; some remain silent. Some move physically; some conceptually. All generate shadows, a second image.

    If you purchase a sculpture direct from GChris Studio/Gallery, prices are generally 50% of commercial gallery prices. For Studio direct sculpture prices, see list.

    GChris is Gary "Chris" Christopherson. GChris Studio/Gallery, formerly in Washington, DC area, is now in Nelson, WI in 1885 farmhouse and barn on Mississippi River bluffside. You are welcome to visit the studio/gallery. Hours are informal. If you want be sure it is open for your visit, contact Chris by phone (301-318-3760) or email (GChris@GChris.com ).




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Support Thrive! Scholarship Via Sculpture

    Want to support students who want to help build a better and thriving future? Don’t need the tax deduction?

    Purchase GChris sculpture and 100% of Chris' payment donated to Thrive! Scholarships at University of Wisconsin - Madison. Sculpture price  list.

    If you want to support scholarship and acquire sculpture, contact Chris at GChris@GChris.com or 301 318 3760. 

Note: Payment is not tax-deductible. Shipping can be arranged at cost.

How a Thrive! Sculpture

is created by GChris

Sculpture: envision earth embraced, sustained & thriving

Message - envision earth and all its creatures embraced to achieve sustained thriving for all
everywhere for all time
Form - mobile
Material - copper
"Earth" disk - high heat from center outward
"Embrace" sliver - rotational sanding 320 grit
Size - 36”
Movement - 180 degrees
Light - front             Sound - none

New Book on Chris -  A Life in Pursuit of Thriving for All

 This is the story of and by Chris [Gary “Chris” Christopherson] and his lifelong pursuit of a thriving future – all thrive forever. It begins and ends in rural western Wisconsin. But so much happens, much in Washington (DC), in the intervening 70+ years. Available in paperback and eBook via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF]

Chris book 

Thrive! Center

A place at which to thrive together.

Sculpture is an abstract representation of the Thrive! Center 1885 era restored house, barn and beehouse. Represents the Mississippi River bluffs that are part of Thrive! Park. The sun represents the aspirational aspects of Thrive! to all thrive forever.

Thrive! Center sculpture

Thrivism® - All Thrive Forever

Thrivism is the path to, belief in, and vision of thriving future for all – all thrive forever. Thrivism is hopeful path. Inspiring vision. Positive belief system. Positive way of life. More information at Thrivism.world

This is the symbol for Thrivism – All Thrive Forever. This is the symbol in the form of a Thrive! Sculpture by GChris (Gary “Chris” Christopherson).

Thrivism Symbol

heroes - community raising 

Under the chaos of COVID-19, heroes rise to the challenge. Rise to raise their communities out of the chaos. This sculpture is a tribute to all of our heroes.

being neither selfish or shortsighted, together we “raise” our community and our world and together we survive and thrive.

this harkens back to the days when the community would come together for “barn raising” or “community raising - jointly building and sustaining a community”.

heroes - community raising

existential threat

Existential threats to Earth and all its inhabitants are posed by creatures as diverse as humans and as viruses and bacteria. COVID-19 is just one of them. Each of these is a major but not unsurmountable challenge to the future of Earth and all its inhabitants.

Our choice, the humans’ choice, is to cause an endangered future (our current path) or ensure a thriving future for all (much better path).

existential threat

i can't breathe 

We all need to breathe to survive and thrive. If we can’t breathe, we die. Not survive. Not thrive.

Joining together, we can and must ensure that we all can breathe now and for the future.  

Supporting "black lives matter"

i can't breathe

New Art Book - Thrive! Sculpture & Thought

Over 100 sculptures and thoughts in new art book available @ Amazon.com as paperback or Kindle book.

GChris Sculpture and Thought 

The Thrive! Center - Home to GChris Sculpture, HealthePeople, and the Thrive! Endeavor
If you want to build and achieve a healthy, thriving future for their family and friends, their community, their country, and world, the Thrive! Endeavor is here to help. All services are provided free. All sculpture payments are donated to Thrive! Scholarship Fund. ThriveEndeavor.org

Whether for building a healthy, thriving future or to experience Thrive! abstract sculpture, you are welcome to contact Chris via email [GChris@GChris.com ] or phone [301-318-3760].

Visitors are welcome at The Thrive! Center. Best to arrange visit via email or phone. You are most welcome to come meet with Thrive! Founder and Sculptor Chris.

The Thrive! Center is located on historic 1880s  farm, in renovated farm house, barn and beehouse, and on side of Mississippi River Bluff. Surrounded by 25 acre Thrive! Park, a public park of the Village of Nelson donated by Chris.

Illustrated Science Fiction Books - Thriving and Extinction

Early Extinction - Angel Comes To Save Earth

Early Extinction - Angel Comes To Save Earth , an illustrated science fiction paperback book, is available for purchase via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF].
Humans and many other creatures face early extinction. Earth facing great damage. Angel, a Whimsey, comes to Earth to help save Earth and all creatures. Early extinction or thriving future?  How will it end?

Early Extinction - Angel

Early Extinction

Xtinct - Universal Justice for Earth
Xtinct - Universal Justice for Earth, an illustrated science fiction paperback book, is available for purchase via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF - 12 MB].
Earth and all its creatures face early extinction. Humans are the primary cause. What will be universal justice for Earth? Extinction for Earth’s offending humans. The end?

Xtinct - Universal Justice for Earth

Extinction! - Failure to Thrive
Extinction! - The Failure To Thrive, an illustrated science fiction paperback book, is available for purchase via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF - 21 MB].
YouTube Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCwIndCZ5yQ
Since beginning of the universe, we have observed many worlds. Some fail to thrive.
Earth's humans failed by their own actions. This is failure to thrive. This is extinction.

Extinction! - Failure to Thrive
3' x 3' mobile

Thrive! - Escape From Extinction!
Thrive! - Escape From Extinction!, an illustrated science fiction paperback book, is available for purchase via Amazon.com  or as a free download [PDF - 27 MB].
YouTube Video @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7bkEZWjNe4
Some worlds stand at edge of extinction. The story of Earth. Of humans. Their endeavor to escape extinction. The Thrive! Endeavor. To all thrive forever.

Thrive! - Escape from Extinction
4' x 4' mobile

New Children's Website - "Children Thrive Forever!" ChildrenThriveForever.org

 "Children Thrive Forever" is boldest of visions for you, all children and all of our future. Children, it is your future, the one we all want and need. It is your future, one we together can achieve. When all children thrive, you thrive! Family/friends thrive! Community and Country thrive! World thrives!

Angel     T!riffic

Sculpture Videos

  Hosted By Arvixe

Sculptures A-C  

hope of the rising sun 2 Thrive! for all forever 911 a balanced relationship of one to many a balanced universe a hanging a more perfect union a mother's love a mother's soft embrace a positive direction above and beyond the monolithic absolutely whimsical absolute spirit accidental occurrence a delicate heart beats strongly a flight of whimseys all the good that must be done america, heroic spirits america, home of the free anglescape - protectected being are we thriving yet? aspirant star aspiration aspiring to thrive out of chaos as you will balancing dischord and harmony being amidst chaos beginning and end of infinity becoming one being amidst chaos being and unabridged being at the intersection of heaven and earth being, but obtuse being different being just in balance being side by side beings supported by the many being together believe beyond the monolithic bordering on the edge of freedom breaking free building a thriving future together bully no more carefully balancing competing interests celebratory change we believe in chaos and being in balance community raising congregation conjoin for the greater good conjunction of being conscientious objection creation in balance creative blackspace creative infinities creature in balance creatures becoming beings creatures thiving current future ends badly curvescape - rising above

Sculptures D-L  death rattle don't hurt anymore each other's back earth forsaken embrace the vulnerable  embracing a thriving future emerging being embryonic beginning to being emerging out of the crucible encircled, but free end the darkness, here comes the sun  endeavor to all thrive forever  envision a better future epiphany erupt, the deeply vulnerable ever higher aspirations exponential human potential extinction - failure to thrive face up to the future first class first people for the greater good forever [save the world] fractured but being whole fragility of the monolithic freedom dance from the many becomes being future afire future foretold and forewarned global failure graceful ascent great expectation HealthePeople heartfelt care  hearts interwoven hope of the rising sun hope we can believe in  human infestation i can't breathe i envision importance of being it  in defense of child's play in human form in search of greater truth in support of sentient being in support of the children's movement joined just some peace life's intervening spark lifting up from vulnerability living, breathing tapestry
Sculptures M-S

 maximizing human potential moon-eyed whimsey narcissist native massacre nature's portal need survive - desire thrive no species no more war nonlinear path to thriving future notwithstanding   not another earthnotredeoppress on progressively wisconsin one becoming whole one in state of being one in support of the wholes one not one onerous our hopes hanging in the balance overarching concern past is prologue peace movement peace on, with and beyond earth pent-up hope perchance to dream perchance to dream together person-centered pollinator primordial emergence progress progress via nonlinearity quantum leaps of faith resolve resurrection sanctuary save the world, complex saving through complexity  seeking a thriving future seeking some stability shards of war sheltered child in play shepherd shepherd - unversal justice shepherding a thriving future silenced scream soar sojourn, rising out of vulnerability solo against the wind spirited out of chaos standing at the crossroads stop supremacy  summit - all thrive forever strong support for a greater being suspended animation sustained (by) tree of life sweetness swords into plowshares synergy

Sculptures T-Z  T!rrific tall woman the balanced pursuit of absolute truth  the decider The Forever Solution the parts of being in concert the phenomenology of becoming the power of why the soft embrace of being the synergistic joining of beings The Thrive! Endeavor the undeserving species thrive Thrive! Center Thrive! for all forever thrive together thriving abstraction thriving cross time thriving dance thriving eagle thriving forever thriving through inner strength thriving through chaos thriving through life's chaos thriving transpires thriving with abstraction to emanate from chaos to fail is to die together we thrive touching the trinity tree of life true leap of faith unification tsunami spirit tsunami transcended unifying theory uplifting future upward reach from vulnerability via path from vulnerability vision of a less vulnerable world vulnerable ascension vulnerable in america war's value we shall save the world when beings intersect on balance whimsical child's play whimsical child's play whimsical one whimsically thriving wholeness of being why not pressure why (vulnerable) with heart world saved or unsaved world without war, amen Xtinct - universal justice
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Thrive! Sculpture by GChris

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